Friday, April 22, 2005

Will Remote-Controlled Nessie Toy With Cryptozoologists?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Cryptozoologists are fearing a new remote-controlled Loch Ness Monster toy could toy with their research.

The Takara toy company is releasing a radio-controlled “Nessie” that travels at five mph and dips underwater.

But the startling realism of the battery-operated critter has one cryptozoologist concerned the product could increase the number of hoaxed Nessie sightings.

Paranormal researcher Loren Coleman fears some pranksters might try to fool researchers by photographing the toy in shadow or fog, or without an obvious frame of reference such as a rock or a tree.

Although previous experiences with Bigfoot toys have prepared cryptozoologists to check for that possibility when examining photos of alleged sightings, Coleman says the Nessie toy will make it “more and more difficult to separate the wheat from the shaft (sic).”

Takara spokeswoman Lauri Abel isn’t worried about hoaxed photos because, she points out, “In order to compare it to a real Nessie, you have to prove there IS a Loch Ness monster.”

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