Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How To Survive Spring Break

MANCHESTER, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Spring break can break you if you’re not careful – but a survival expert in Manchester, England, has ways to help hearty partyers stay alive.

Anthony Greenbank, author of The Book of Survival (Hatherleigh Press), says there are lots of survival skills that are just as helpful when you’re getting wild as when you’re in the wild.

For instance, if you’re tired after a long day of driving, Greenbank recommends spitting on the back of your hand and wiping it across your eyes. The saliva will help your pooped peepers stay open until you can pull over the car.

Another tip: If your hotel elevator starts to plunge, jumping up and down is the best way to avoid major injuries upon impact.

Also, if you get hit by a car, try to roll onto the hood. Greenbank says you’ll have fewer injuries than if you simply let it smack you.

Greenbank – who is a former Outward Bound instructor – says most people rely on their instincts when dealing with a life-or-death situation, but the key to survival is recognizing that, “most of the time peoples’ instincts are usually wrong.”

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