Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Aromatherapist Creates World’s First Same Sex Scents

OXFORD, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An aromatherapist is sniffing out a career for herself creating perfumes for gays and lesbians.

Barbara Glander, founder of BeHappy, LLC, is the creator of two scents named Man to Man and Woman to Woman made from essential oils that are designed to attract the same sex of whomever wears them.

The formulas are a secret, but Glander says they are made up of floral scents like jasmine and sweet pea, which she claims will turn a lesbian into a “butch magnet” and “bring men to you” if you are a gay guy.

Glander claims someone who goes into a bar or nightclub wearing the scents will get three to five people coming up to talk to them.

She also warns straight folks who spritz themselves that they are likely to pick up members of the same sex too.

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