Monday, March 7, 2005

George Bush Is Dead Broke, A Mexican And An Atheist

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – George Bush is not only the president of the U.S., but he’s also an atheist, dead-broke and a Mexican.

That’s what author Martha Mattia learned when researching for her book, Conversations With George Bush (Brown Books), an exploration of the lives of more than 40 people – and a dog – in the U.S. who share the same name as the 43rd president.

Mattia says she found George Bushes living in places like California, Louisiana and New York who ranged from four months to 90 years of age.

Some of the more fascinating George Bushes include a Louisiana man who lives in poverty and a Bush from Michigan who is an avid gun collector and has killed a man in self-defense.

Although the lives of the Bushes are as diverse as a bag of trail mix, Mattia says most carry a common burden from sharing their name with the most hated and loved person in America: They can’t get a pizza delivered because “all the pizza people believe it’s a prank.”

Still, Mattia discovered most Bushes felt “honored” to have the name, especially the ones who don’t mind the attention.

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