Wednesday, March 2, 2005

‘Bambi’ DVD Makes Hunter Say, ‘Oh, Dear’

DETROIT (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Walt Disney’s 1942 animated classic, Bambi, just came out on DVD and it’s causing a hunter in Detroit, Michigan, to say, “Oh, dear.”

Wayne Meech admits he will probably buy Bambi for his two-year-old son, but confesses he has mixed feelings and worries the movie might scare the kid away from the joys of hunting.

Meech says the film may be a classic, but it gives a false idea that forests are filled with happy critters who frolic together, a view he describes as “Fantasyland.”

In his words, “I’ve never seen a deer hanging out with a skunk and a rabbit.”

He worries that kids that explore nature will confuse cartoon animals that have human emotions with their real-life counterparts, that are much more predatory and dangerous.

Meech isn’t exactly fawning over Bambi but does believe the movie can be a good starting point to educate kids about nature.

In fact, he plans to take his toddler out in the wild “so he can see a mother deer kick away her baby when the fawn gets too close to her food source.”

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