Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Vancouver Man Makes Cigar-Cutting Guillotines

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in Vancouver, B.C. has a job to die for – he makes mini-guillotines designed to cut cigars.

For the last three years, Kaden Harris has been making a living making miniature medieval weapons like catapults, hypno- discs and siege engines that he sells for around $400 apiece in the U.S..

The best-selling item is his cigar-cutting guillotine, which he says is a popular corporate gift because, as he points out, “the business world gets pretty cutthroat.”

Some people might think Harris’ creations are dangerous but he prefers to think of them “as applied science” although some of his customers find gruesome ways to use – or misuse – them.

For instance, one customer uses a mini-guillotine to chop the heads off of rats, while another uses one to cut carrots.

But mini medieval weapons aren’t the only devices that tickle Harris’ fancy. He also recently made a bong out of old doorknobs as a gift to some houseguests who had some pot but nothing to smoke it with.

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