Wednesday, February 2, 2005

New Childrens Book Blows Lid Off Of Pot Propaganda

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A New York-based childrens’ book author has written a new book he hopes weeds out the truth about marijuana.

Ricardo Cortes is the author of It’s Just A Plant (Magic Propaganda Mill), a 48-page book written for parents who need to explain marijuana to their children.

Cortes – a former teacher – says he wrote the book as a response to current drug education programs that he says still promote falsehoods like marijuana leads to homelessness and rape.

He says many kids as young as 10 are already being exposed to marijuana and believes that, like sex, “the children should learn about it from their parents, not their friends.”

Cortes isn’t suggesting kids try the wacky weed but thinks they need to know that adults who do it aren’t necessarily bad people.

It’s Just A Plant was just released a few weeks ago and, as you might expect, is causing a lot of controversy. Still, Cortes says for every negative comment, he’s receiving lots more from concerned parents who, as he puts it, “thought they were alone in the world.”

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