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American Presidents Are Total Hams

Some say American presidents can be hams, but this is ridiculous.

Some say American presidents can be hams, but this is ridiculous.

Monday, July 26, 2010 0:43 GMT

ATLANTA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Nothing says political “power” like a big slab of ham.

In his project The Presidential Ham, an artist known only as “Bijijoo” painted every president in United States history holding a big, meaty piece of ham.

The concept came to him after painting a portrait of former commander-in-chief Richard Nixon holding a chunk of pork for a friend who hung up the masterpiece in her bedroom.

Though he admits he doesn’t have a “good, artistic explanation for the ham” accompanying all the presidents, he does enjoy the “ridiculous component” of it and thinks the meat has become a symbol of presidential power.

In fact, Bijijoo thinks his work should be hung in the halls of the White House because it would instill confusion, fear, and awe in visiting foreign leaders.

By simply gazing at the hammy portraits, he thinks they’d “know not to mess around” with American presidents.

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