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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Iranian officials have banned men from sporting mullets and other `unacceptable' hairstyles from the Western world.

Iranian officials have banned men from sporting mullets and other `unacceptable' hairstyles from the Western world.

Friday, July 9, 2010 2:27 GMT

TEHRAN, Iran (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Is nothing sacred anymore? Iranian officials have just banned citizens from sporting mullets and other “unacceptable” Western hairstyles to prevent “cultural invasion.” They’re issuing a list of appropriate haircuts for men which include side-parted ’dos and Elvis coifs, however mullets, ponytails, and spiked styles are not allowed.

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. – Looks like the latest trend in weddings is to tie the knot in random public businesses. A couple from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, plans to wed at a T.J. Maxx discount retailer, but they’re not the only ones booking wacky venues. USA Today reports that more lovebirds are marrying in locations like Home Depot and Taco Bell just to be different. In fact, Taco Bell hosts an average of one wedding each year and doesn’t even charge for the space.

LONDON – Milk was a good choice. An ancient 17th century book that’s going up for auction in London next week contains a few old hangover cures, including drinking a glass of milk before booze. The book notes that if you down milk first, “you may well drink thrice as much wine without danger of being drunk.”

INUYAMA, Japan – A group of captive monkeys from a primate research center in Japan recently escaped by using springy tree branches to catapult themselves over an electric fence that’s more than 16 feet tall. A least a dozen monkeys were able to hop the fence, but they didn’t do much with their newfound freedom. Caretakers found a few hanging out just outside of the fence and five were lured right back in using peanuts.

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