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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

A couple in Wales just got married dressed as the ogres from Shrek.

A couple in Wales just got married dressed as the ogres from Shrek.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 17:06 GMT

BRIDGEND, Wales (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A weird wedding in Wales left everyone a little green – literally. A Welsh couple wed while dressed up as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the Shrek movies. The duo has been told they resemble the animated ogres, so they played the part for their nuptials. They had their entire bridal party dress up as Shrek characters too, like Snow White, Lord Farquaad, and the Fairy Godmother.

ISLE OF WIGHT, England – A couple of boneheads in England are under arrest after attempting to spring their friend from jail. In a not-so-subtle move, one guy tried to break into the slammer while wearing a Snoopy the dog costume. The dumb duo supposedly had guns, which turned out to be just water pistols. Oh, and they broke into the wrong jail, not the prison where their friend was detained.

DILLON, Colo. – It seems that in Colorado, shooting yourself in the crotch is a crime. David Leroy Blurton has just been convicted of shooting himself in the groin with a gun while drunk. Police argue that it was an illegal discharge of a firearm, although Blurton insists he was trying to shoot a mugger, not his own naughty bits.

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. – Here’s a surefire way to get noticed by firemen: Drive directly into a fire station in a burning truck. A man in McMinnville, Oregon, whose truck was on fire drove right into a local fire station instead of wasting time calling 911. As soon as he pulled in, firefighters opened the smoking hood and extinguished the flames. They’re now joking about their new “drive-up service.”

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