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Aliens Cause Jesus' Easter Resurrection?

Was a UFO present at Jesus' Easter Resurrection

Was a UFO present at Jesus' Easter Resurrection

Thursday, April 1, 2010 17:07 GMT

TRENTON, Mich. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A UFO may have been responsible for Jesus’ miraculous Easter resurrection.

UFO researcher David Twichell explores this theory in The UFO-Jesus Connection (Infinity Publishing).

He believes the light in the sky present during Jesus’ rising was actually an aircraft helmed by alien beings. In the Bible, people witnessed the Savior being beamed up to a “solid cloud,” likely a UFO making his body levitate.

Easter isn’t the only time E.T.s visited.

Twichell believes abductions and sightings have been happening since biblical times.

He suspects the Star Of Bethlehem was really a brightly-lit UFO and angels may have been aliens. Folks back then simply couldn’t wrap their heads around the advanced concepts.

Aliens may have also been behind Mary’s mysterious pregnancy, meaning Jesus was possibly part alien.

That would account for the Messiah’s miracles like turning water into wine.