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Crafter Uses Belly Lint To Make Teddy Bears

Monday, March 29, 2010 16:08 GMT

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One crafter’s homemade stuffed animals are a little hard to stomach.

Rachel Case creates tiny teddy bears using belly button lint and dryer lint on

She takes her boyfriend’s belly button crud and mixes it with dryer lint, then rolls it into the shape of a cute, cuddly teddy bear.

Though she mostly uses dryer fluff because belly button lint is “hard to come by,” she tells customers it’s the real deal to avoid breaking hearts.

She explains, “I told my boyfriend on his birthday that the bear I made him wasn’t all belly lint and he was disappointed.”

Case also creates jewelry using people’s discarded nail clippings and notes, “People get grossed out and walk away, but they always come back.”

Though many think Case is “gross” due to her strange crafts, she lets it roll off her back because her creations make her happy.