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Exclusive: Startifacts Donor Baffled By Corey Haim's Family

Kronick holds check that wasn't enough for Haim's family

Kronick holds check that wasn't enough for Haim's family

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 17:32 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The man funding Corey Haim’s funeral is being dissed by the late actor’s family.

Last week, Startifacts owner Michael Kronick wrote a five-figure check to pay for Haim’s funeral out of his own pocket.

However, the cash isn’t enough for Haim’s family, who claim the donation was less than expected and they still need more money on

Kronick exclusively tells FlashNews that he’s “mystified and saddened” by the family’s response to his generosity.

They haven’t even given him a thank you.

Kronick laments, “Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. It’s really a slap in the face.”

Over the past week, his memorabilia company has raised thousands of dollars by auctioning items that Haim personally sold to Startifacts.

Kronick promised to give all proceeds to Haim’s family and still will, but perhaps with less enthusiasm.

He says fundraising for them is no longer his top priority.