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`Camel Towing' Helps In A Pinch

Thursday, February 18, 2010 17:22 GMT

ST. LOUIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A ballsy roadside service called “Camel Towing” promises to help drivers in a pinch.

Former trucker Mike Christopher has just launched “Camel Towing” in St. Louis, Missouri, a cheap towing company that lives by the motto, “We come lickety split.”

He got the guts to start the business after getting input from many women who found the name hilarious.

Now, Christopher proudly hands out business cards featuring an actual woman’s camel toe over red panties.

The service has become notorious in town – his goal all along in this tough market.

He says, “Until the day you die, when you think of a tow, you’ll think of Camel Tow.”

Eventually, Christopher plans to employ sexy female models to ride with the drivers and flirt with customers.

He’s also offering to pick up drunken patrons from local bars, where he’s already a hero.

As soon as he walks in, everyone at the bar top yells “Camel Tow!”