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Rhinos Have Freakiest Foreplay

Monday, February 8, 2010 17:23 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – In the wild, rhinos are the freakiest, horniest lovers of all.

This weekend (Feb. 13-14), former zookeeper Jane Tollini will host Woo At The Zoo at the San Francisco Zoo, an R-rated, champagne sex tour where she “talks filthy” about the bizarre, raunchy mating habits of animals.

According to Tollini, rhinos have seriously freaky – and violent – foreplay.

Before sex, they “ram the hell out of each other” until they’re all bashed up and bloody. Once the penis is in, it inflates and the wild lovers are “locked together for hours.”

Though every animal has the constant “urge to merge,” Tollini says there’s a reason why the lion is king of the jungle.

Lions have sex up to 50 times a day, though it only lasts for seconds each time.

Chimpanzees are passionate Casanovas, ducks have huge dongs, and elephants are one of the only animals with a G-spot.

Tollini says animal mating rituals should not be attempted by humans.