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Urologist Says Penises Have Personalities

Poetic penis speaks language of love

Poetic penis speaks language of love

Friday, January 29, 2010 17:11 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man’s penis is a direct extension of his personality.

So says urologist Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff, who’s seen more than 200,000 penises in his professional lifetime.

Danoff believes penises have specific personalities, both positive and negative.

This links directly to how a man behaves in the bedroom.

There’s the “Poetic Penis,” which belongs to a man who’s sensitive and imaginative. Danoff says this penis is often the most fun in the sack.

There’s also the “Passionate Penis,” “Psychedelic Penis,” and “Prodigious Penis” – who’s ready for sex any time any where.

Danoff says the most dangerous ones are “Pessimistic Penis,” who’s a real downer, and “Peewee Penis,” belonging to dudes who are overly obsessed with size.

In the end, he believes “penis power” is all in a man’s mind. Their member is only as strong as they think it is.

He touches on all penises in his new book, Penis Power: Discovering Potency (Authorhouse).