Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weed Is A Hit In Kitchen

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Of all the herbs for cooking, weed may be the most versatile.

So it seems at thestonerscookbook.com, which lists recipes for cooking with weed.

Site creator Lucas Young says his buds come up with “the most creative things to eat” while toking, including mac- and-cheese burritos and sandwiches covered in pancake syrup.

He says weed can be incorporated into any snack, so long as it’s melted into “bud butter” first to extract the THC.

The laced butter goes particularly well in baked goods, including special brownies.

It can also be used to fry bacon or make ganja garlic bread.

Like regular cooking, Young says cooking with weed is experimental. How much you use depends on the strand of pot.

And while most weed recipes are a hit, some are misses.

Young says “Bong Hot Dogs” – boiling hot dogs in bong water – may be easy to prepare, but taste “absolutely disgusting.”

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