Friday, December 18, 2009

Dogs Dig Hot Chicks

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Hot chicks can really give a dog a bone.

A fine woman won’t only get a dude excited, but pups as well according to Andre Ricciardi and Ryan Lee, creators of

The site compiles photos of lovely ladies cuddling pups with very visible erections, and Ricciardi says dogs can’t help but show off their bone with these women.

He explains, “There are certain women that are so hot, it jumps species.”

Men get hot and bothered by the site too, often imagining themselves as the horndogs in the photo with the hotties.

The creators are glad to provide dudes with a source of imaginary fantasy saying, “In a post-Bush world, we’re glad to give something back.”

So far, photos have been popping up in their inbox from fans, which makes Lee glad they don’t have to stage any photo shoots because that might get awkward.

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