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‘Reverse Cowgirl’ Bucks Swine Flu?

H1N1 Virus Begone: Reverse cowgirl position is safe

H1N1 Virus Begone: Reverse cowgirl position is safe

Friday, December 4, 2009 09:23 GMT (

The “Reverse Cowgirl” position may help you avoid swine flu in the sack, but it won’t do much for your sex life.

Cosmopolitan recently named it the most swine flu- resistant sex position, but according to “sexpert” Dr. Don Etkes, it ranks low on the pleasure scale.

He says it’s awkward because you can’t look at your partner in the eyes while doing it, which takes half the fun out of sex.

Plus, it may not fully prevent the spreading of H1N1.

Dr. Don says the only way to fully protect yourself from swine flu during sex is to cover your entire body except your naughty bits or wear a surgical mask the whole time.

But that would really take the fun out of sex, which is meant to be enjoyed, not fretted over.

For top-notch fornicating – swine flu scare or not – Dr. Don recommends the classic “Missionary” or “Doggystyle” positions.