Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Authentic Accents For Sale

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An actress in England is in the business of slanging accents.

Odile Rault has just launched usemyaccent.com, where regular folks can upload their authentic accents for actors to study.

Actors can send their scripts to accent providers, who, for a small fee, will show them the right way to say their lines.

Rault came up with the idea after having trouble nailing Irish dialect for a role.

Since accents can make or break a movie, she thinks all actors should strive to be spot-on.

She hopes enunciations are submitted from all over the world and believes British thespians will be most interested in learning American, Canadian, and New York accents.

In turn, American actors may find lessons in Australian, British, and South African accents useful.

Rault believes that by perfecting accents for roles, better movies will be made.

Her service could be used as an affordable alternative to a dialogue coach.

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