Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puking Pumpkins A Halloween Hit

TROY, Mich. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – To really spice up a pumpkin, try making it puke.

Tom Nardone runs and has written EXTREME HALLOWEEN: The Ultimate Guide To Making Halloween Scary Again (Perigee).

He believes Halloween (Oct. 31) has gotten too tame so he’s making it spooky again with weird pumpkins and other bizarre projects.

Nardone says smiling Jack-O-Lanterns are lame, so instead, people should make their pumpkins look like they’re puking.

He once carved a pumpkin vomiting guacamole.

Nardone has also experimented with extreme lighting techniques like sticking road flares in pumpkins or a roll of toilet paper doused in kerosene for “super impressive flames.”

He’s also a believer in making trick-or-treaters scream.

He’s scared hundreds of children by dressing up as an inconspicuous trash can and jumping out at them on his driveway and with a pumpkin called the “Baby Eating Yard Monster,” a sinister squash creature eating a makeshift baby.

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