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Woman Makes Vagina Necklaces

Artist Jessica Marie's custom-made vagina earrings

Artist Jessica Marie's custom-made vagina necklaces

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 08:11 GMT (

A designer in Boynton Beach, Florida, sure puts the “cooter” in couture jewelry.

Jessica Marie creates custom-made necklaces and earrings modeled after women’s actual vaginas, which she sells on

She began designing the pussy pendants a year ago after deciding it was time to “reconcile” with her own vajayjay and currently handles about 12 special orders a month from women all over the world.

Since no two vaginas are alike, Marie encourages customers to send her detailed written descriptions or photos of their privates so she can make an accurate reproduction.

As she puts it, “One of my reasons for creating them is to show that the vagina is not just the box that you put the penis into.”

Marie hopes to extend her vagina jewelry line in the coming months to include more bling like bracelets and rings.