Wednesday, October 21, 2009

High-Flying New Sport: ‘Parahawking’

POKHARA, Nepal (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Flipping the bird has a new meaning for paragliders.

“Parahawking” is the latest airborne sport being practiced in Nepal, where paragliders fly through the air accompanied by trained birds of prey who perform acrobatic maneuvers for their entertainment.

Creator Scott Mason says parahawking is more than just feeding birds in mid-air, though that’s pretty cool in itself.

It gives people the opportunity to get “up close and personal with raptors,” study them in their own environment, and experience the world from a bird’s eye view in the most direct way possible.

Though parahawking is an extreme sport, Mason assures that there’s no real danger since trained falcons and hawks would never peck a glider’s eyes out.

All it takes to go parahawking is the ability to “run a few steps for the takeoff and landing,” so even kids can enjoy the flighty adventure.

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