Monday, October 19, 2009

Cats Cast Spells On Halloween

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – According to one clairvoyant, kitties know how to cast practically purrrfect love spells.

Gillian Kemp, author of The Good Cat Spell Book (Crossing Press), says cats are psychic and “potent in witchcraft.”

This makes them skilled in spellbinding – especially at casting love spells for their owners.

Kemp suggests owners look deep into their cat’s eyes at midnight on Halloween (Oct. 31) and wish for a lover.

They can light candles, stroke the kitty, and even throw a bit of its fur into a lit Jack-O-Lantern to help the spell along.

Since the paranormal veil is down on Halloween, the spell will have a higher chance of working.

Kemp says that if a cat is purring or meowing during the ritual, it’s a good sign.

She can vouch for the validity of the feline love spells since she’s nabbed at least two different men with help from her own pussy cat.

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