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Caffeinated Condoms Keep Guys Up

Caffeinated condoms to hit market soon.

Condoms get a liitle kick with caffeine

Friday, October 16, 2009 03:14 GMT (

A new line of caffeine-laced condoms promises to keep men up during and after sex.

Swedish company Pharmacia Latex Aktiebolaget has developed a rubber that contains benzocaine and caffeine within its lubricant.

It’s meant to give men a boost so they’re able to stay awake long enough to cuddle after sex and maybe even go another round.

Jeff Weiss’ condom distribution company,, will introduce the prophylactic to North America in about six months, and he thinks it’ll be a full-blown hit – especially with women.

Here’s how it works: Once the condom is on, caffeine from the lubricant transfers through a guy’s skin and the energy rush starts within minutes.

Weiss recommends putting on the condom at the beginning of foreplay to give it time to work, though the stimulation should be almost instant.

Guys can then stay up longer after sex, instead of falling asleep like they usually do.