Monday, September 28, 2009

Atheists Care For Christian Pets

ALSTEAD, N.H. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When the Rapture comes, a godless heretic is on call to watch over any pets left behind.

Eternal Earthbound Pets is a service that provides Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian pet owners peace of mind when Jesus comes back to save them.

Since the Bible makes no mention of animals getting carted off to heaven during the Rapture, Atheist “Bart” – aka Dromedary Hump, author of The Atheist Camel Chronicles (BookSurge Publishing) – will make sure a bonafied disbelieving “heathen” will look after pets.

For $110, Bart will set up Christian families with an Atheist who’ll take over the care of their family pets after they’re beamed up to heaven by God when the “end times” begin.

Though some Christians don’t trust an Atheist who’d likely “eat their dog” to care for Fido, others have signed up so their furry friend is fed and loved while they live it up in the holy kingdom.

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