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Annie Le Murderer Sticks Rats In Butt?

Did rats play role in Yale lab murder?

Therapist's Theory: Rats and kinky fetish may play role in
Yale lab murder.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 03:44 GMT (

A Los Angeles-based sex therapist smells a rat – in the rear – in the Annie Le murder case.

Dr. Suzy Block runs and is getting behind a bizarre theory: Annie Le’s alleged killer, Raymond Clark III, has a fetish for sticking lab rats in his bum.

She believes Clark’s fascination with his Yale lab rats runs deep and he may secretly practice “feltching,” where one puts rodents up their butt for sexual pleasure.

Le may have accidentally caught Clark in the shameful act at work, giving him a motive for murder.

Block says this explains Clark’s anal need to keep the lab mice clean, since, “He didn’t want a dirty rat up his butt.”

Her theory is based on a mild-mannered college lab technician, much like Clark, who once phoned into her radio show and confessed to mice feltching on the air.

He was ridiculed at school and dubbed the “Rat Man.” Clark may fear similar taunting, so a confession is unlikely.