Friday, September 18, 2009

Perverts Ruin It For Furries

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – “Furverts” – perverted furries – really ruin it for those who like to dress up in animal costumes.

Harmon Leon is an infiltrative journalist who’s gone undercover to investigate the strange world of furries, people who wear animal costumes.

He says two kinds of furries make up the bizarre subculture – folks like team mascots who innocently enjoy wearing fuzzy getups, and “furverts,” perverted furries who get sexual pleasure out of strapping on a tail and animal ears.

“Normal” furries and “furverts” are divided at conventions because the kinky kind give the lifestyle a bad rap.

Leon says “furverts” can be found groping each other in dark corners, walking their lovers on leashes, and making animal sex toys.

He once met a furry who was developing an “anatomically correct” toy of a dragon’s vagina, clearly for his kinkier comrades.

Leon says the negative branding they’ve been given in the media outrages “good furries,” who are often just I.T. guys who like role playing.

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