Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Search Underway For Nessie’s Cousin

NEWCASTLE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster may have a long lost cousin in English waters.

This Saturday (Sep. 19), adventurer Dean Maynard and his crew will sail Lake Windermere in England, said to be home to a sea monster named Bownessie, a.k.a. Nessie’s English cousin.

Since 2007, sightings of a massive sea creature have been reported by “reputable witnesses” in the area, including a swimmer who once felt something with the “force of a submarine” charging beneath him.

The creature is said to resemble a 60-foot eel, sturgeon, or Komodo dragon.

Maynard believes that if his crew finds Bownessie, it’ll finally give England “sea monster glory,” and could even make Nessie jealous.

He expects Nessie sightings to pop up instantly after their Bownessie hunt, because the Scottish monster may feel upstaged.

Maynard will be scouring Lake Windermere aboard a sonar yacht, but if Bownessie is as large as they say, he notes, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

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