Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swift To Cast Revenge Spells On West?

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Taylor Swift can really get back at Kanye West by casting a spell on him.

Claudia R. Dilliare, author of Egyptian Revenge Spells (Ten Speed Press), says Swift could use ancient spells to pay back West for stealing her thunder at the VMAs this past Sunday (Sep. 13).

First off, she suggests Swift use “banishing” or “purification spells” to get West’s negative energy away from her.

She’ll need sage – known for its protective power – and clay. She can carve her wishes for West into the clay, let it dry, and smash it to release bad vibes.

Swift can also try a “reversing spell” on the rude rapper, which sends his wrong-doings right back to him.

Dillaire recommends Swift cast the spells over a period of three days. If all goes well, they could affect West’s record sales and even cause his girlfriend to dump him.

Dillaire says the revenge rituals should give Swift closure and confidence to rise above the embarrassing incident.

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