Friday, September 11, 2009

Glenn Beck: A Modern-Day Carnie

EUGENE, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Political pundit Glenn Beck could easily pass for a modern-day carnie.

Just ask former carnie Peter Fenton, author of Eyeing The Flash: The Making Of A Carnival Con Artist (Simon & Schuster).

Fenton just crowned the winners of his 5th Annual Carnie Awards – honoring the nation’s best bullsh■tters, hucksters, and sideshow acts – and Glenn Beck is on top.

Fenton sees Beck as a fast-talking, “19th century carnival barker” because he makes a living selling suckers on ridiculous ideas, just like a carnie.

In fact, the pundit reminds him of the carnival cons he worked with on the midway back in the day, minus the straw hat and cane.

While Beck is the “barker” who draws people into the show, other pop culture figures are the sideshow acts themselves.

Trailing Beck for a 2009 Carnie Award are Jon and Kate Gosselin, who Fenton likens to a “freak show,” Wall Street, Sarah Palin, and The Jacksons.

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