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Bigfoot Is A Pervert

Bigfoot's got a kinky side.

Jeepers Creepers: Bigfoot's a Peeping Tom!

Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:14 PDT (

Bigfoot is a bit of a pervert.

Yeti sightings have been reported in the Tatra Mountains of Poland lately, where a woman claims Bigfoot was spying on her as she sunbathed in a bikini.

Dave Shealy, an expert on the Skunk Ape – Bigfoot’s smaller, stinkier cousin from the Florida Everglades – says this type of Peeping Tom behavior is common for Yetis.

In his neck of the woods, 75 percent of Skunk Ape witnesses are women who often report being watched by the cryptoid.

Years ago, a couple of gals saw a Skunk Ape get “sexually aroused” while peeping on them.

Shealy chalks it up to the creature’s curiosity about human females, who are meant to be admired.

While he doesn’t believe Bigfoot’s advances pose a threat, he does suggest witnesses hold their ground against the beast.

Shealy says those currently experiencing sightings in Poland should “stare at it in the eye and not back down.”