Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Archie Under Veronica’s Sexy Spell

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Comic book staple Archie Andrews may only be marrying Veronica because he’s under her sexy spell.

The 600th issue of Archie hit stands September 1 and reveals that Archie is marrying Veronica, not Betty, after all.

Bob Hastings, who voiced Archie on the ’40s and ’50s radio sitcom Archie Andrews, says Archie chose Veronica because she acts “sophisticated” and is out of his league.

Hastings says Archie has “always been nuts” about Veronica and her spellbinding southern accent.

During the old-time radio show, Hastings says Veronica was played “sexier” than Betty, and the way she said “Archie, dear” in her southern drawl drove Archie to nervous giggles.

But despite Veronica’s sex appeal, Hastings thinks Betty is the better gal for Archie.

He says her loyalty, cooking skills, and kindness would make her a “better wife in the long haul,” though if he had his way, Hastings wouldn’t marry Archie off at all since the love triangle is a major draw of the comic.

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