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Latest Buzz: ‘Twilight’ Sex Toy

Actor Robert Pattinson portrays sexy Edward Cullen

Easy on the eyes: Edward Cullen character inspires a sex toy

Monday, August 24, 2009 9:16 PDT (

Twilight fans who’ve imagined having sex with Edward Cullen can now get on it.

Tantus Inc. is sending mortals into a frisky frenzy with The Vamp – a dildo inspired by Twilight character Edward Cullen’s wang.

The sex toy is pale pink like a vampire’s complexion, glittery, since the bloodsucking babe shines like a diamond in sunlight, and can be chilled in the freezer to ensure wannabe Bella Swans feel exactly what it’d be like to do cold-blooded Cullen.

Company CEO Michael Smith says they did rigorous research to ensure “twi-hards” could have their every fanged fantasy fulfilled.

He explains, “Unfortunately, we don’t know what Edward’s penis looks like, so we took a guess. We wanted to make something that would also engage one’s brain, because the brain is the most powerful sex organ.”

Smith says True Blood fans don’t need to be green with envy since they too can use The Vamp.

You can take a peek at The Vamp at YouTube.