Friday, August 21, 2009

‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Gets Singer Out Of Ticket

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Former Survivor rocker Jim Peterik owes his clean driving record to the iconic ’80s hit, “Eye Of The Tiger.”

Peterik – who co-wrote the legendary Rocky theme song – says the motivational ditty has gotten him out of traffic tickets.

He has a habit of writing songs while driving – with a notebook, pen, and tape recorder on his lap – and as a result, has been pulled over for slightly erratic cruising.

Says Peterik: “When I get a song idea on the road, I’m hell on wheels!”

He recalls the time a police officer pulled him over in the middle of a musical brainstorm because he thought Peterik was driving drunk.

Peterik name-dropped his involvement with “Eye Of The Tiger” and the only thing the cop made him sign was an autograph.

He gushes, “That song has truly been a blessing for me.”

Peterik is now a jazz musician and has an album called Lifeforce.

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