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‘Big Bang’ Actor Is A Nerdy Old Man

Actor Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons: Self-confessed old fart?

Thursday, August 19, 2009 9:01 PDT (

Jim Parsons – who’s role as the brilliant but strange physicist Sheldon Cooper garnered him an Emmy nomination this year – isn’t too far off from his dorky alter ego.

Parsons admits he’s definitely “not the coolest guy in the world.”

He says, “I’m sort of just a doddering old man. I like to go to bed really early. I like to get up really early. I like to listen to talk radio, even while I exercise.”

Not only that, Parson feels his newfound love for high-fibered All-Bran cereal further cements his status as a geeky grandpa, even though it can get pretty gross afterwards.

He jokes, “I have that and I have coffee and then you can imagine where that goes. That’s not nerdy. Now that’s bordering on disgusting.”