Monday, July 20, 2009

Gay Penguin Will Bounce Back

YARROWSBURG, Md. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A gay penguin who’s been publicly dumped by his mate will likely bounce back in no time.

Harry and Pepper are the same-sex Magellanic penguin couple that once shared a nest at the San Francisco Zoo.

Despite their six-year relationship, Harry has switched teams and left Pepper for a female penguin in the exhibit.

Though the complex love triangle is ruffling feathers amongst the birds, David Mizejewski, naturalist for the National Wildlife Federation, says Pepper will soon get over the heartbreak.

He notes that animals “can’t afford to pine over their lost love” and must get right back in the mating game.

Though Pepper may be “territorial” at first, Mizejewski assures he’ll be fine and doesn’t foresee him moping around to lovelorn Sinead O’Connor tunes outside Harry’s new nest.

In fact, there’s a possibility Harry will eventually come crawling back to Pepper.

Mizejewski says same-sex couples occur frequently in the animal kingdom, like in Bonobos and dolphins, though further study is needed.

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