Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bodily Fluids Earn Steady Cash Flow

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – In this unstable economy, selling your bodily fluids may be your best bet for a steady cash flow.

For instance, the Fertility Center of California’s San Diego office pays sperm donors $65 per specimen.

Clinic director Joseph Richard says most donors sign onto the program for a year and in that time donate about 100 vials of sperm.

The sperm bank seeks donors who are academics – so only college grads or active university students are paid for their fluids.

Richard says that at $65 a pop, sperm selling is a good job for broke college students. The only side effect is “hopefully pregnancy.”

Selling blood is also a viable way to cash in.

According to Phil Maher of bloodbanker.com – which provides listings for blood banks across the country – blood is going for $25-$40 per donation these days.

A person can donate about twice a week every week if they want, which really adds up.

Back in college Maher estimates he made about $4,000 selling his blood on a consistent basis.

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