Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dumpsters Are The New Department Store

FORT WORTH, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dumpsters are the one- stop shop for everything – including furniture, clothing, and even food.

Jeff Ferrell, a professor at Texas Christian University, has been dumpster diving his entire adult life and even lived off trash for an entire year while penning Empire Of Scrounge (NYU Press).

Ferrell argues that dumpster diving is the most efficient way to live without being wasteful.

Through trash digging he’s been able to furnish his whole house and stock his closet with brand-new threads that people throw out.

He’s found Rolex watches, a bike, and even a diamond bracelet on his daily dumpster dives and since reusing other people’s trash, the only thing he ever has to spend money on is beer.

Ferrell even finds fresh food in dumpsters behind grocery stores and once found a ton of fancy box lunches in a dumpster on campus, which he shared with his colleagues in the teacher’s lounge.

He recommends dumpster diving at the end of the month since that’s when people move out and toss toiletries and household goods.

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