Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Johnathan Schaech Has Batty Experience

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Things on the set of Jonhnathan Schaech’s latest film got downright batty.

Schaech stars in The Poker Club, a thriller about four friends caught in a deadly game, and admits his role was painful.

In one scene, Schaech’s co-star Johnny Messner beats him with a baseball bat. Messner swung so hard, he actually broke the bat on Schaech’s back, causing major slowing in filming.

Schaech recalls, “We had to wait six hours for the prop department to bring us another identical baseball bat! We were out in the middle of Pennsylvania and needed one just like it to continue filming the scene.”

Despite the foul-up, Schaech really enjoyed making the thriller, mostly because he’s always been a fan of scary movies.

He enjoys “gore-ific” flicks where “they don’t show much” and adds, “Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was what you DIDN’T see in that movie that scared the sht out of you!”

The Poker Club is out now on DVD.

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