Monday, March 30, 2009

Snuggie War Wages Between Chicago And NYC

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Snuggies – the popular blankets with sleeves – are causing a major war between Chicago and New York City.

Matt Catapano, a New York-based Snuggie enthusiast who runs, says there’s a “major rift in the Snuggie community” due to corrupt Chicago Snuggie fans.

Here’s the situation: Chi-Town Snuggie lovers have been organizing “Snuggie Pub Crawls” and charging people $20 to participate, and NYC Snuggie fans think the fee is just a greedy scheme to make a quick buck.

Catapano explains, “This reeks of a plan formulated by business school kids. You can’t charge people to hang out in their Snuggies! It goes against everything Snuggiedom stands for.”

To combat Chicago’s pricey Snuggie events, Catapano is hosting a free Snuggie bar hop April 11 in NYC to benefit

He expects supporters to come out in bedazzled and tailored Snuggies, and doesn’t anticipate much sabotage from their Chicago rivals, like a Snuggie sleeve-cutting attack.

He says, “They won’t risk it, but we’re ready if they do. They can’t mess with us!”

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