Tuesday, March 10, 2009

‘Chris Brown’ And ‘Rihanna’ Become Latest Slang Words

AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Chris Brown and Rihanna are quickly becoming popular slang words and phrases.

According to Paul JJ Payack, of The Global Language Monitor – a company that analyzes word trends around the globe – the pop stars are already being used as verbs and nouns in popular slang, stemming from their domestic abuse scandal.

For instance, the phrase “I’m going to Chris Brown you” refers to someone beating the crap out of someone else, while pulling a “Rihanna” means you’re someone’s punching bag.

Payack says it’s not uncommon for things that happen in the entertainment world to creep into everyday language, especially if the gossip is everywhere.

He says celebrity-related slang usually begins popping up in vocabulary quickly, and Brown and Rihanna aren’t the first case of this.

After Janet Jackson’s infamous 2004 Super Bowl nip slip, the term “wardrobe malfunction” was instantly popularized, and in the late ’90s, the rap music’s “bling-bling” became a slang craze.

However, Payack says using Chris Brown and Rihanna terms so casually could send the wrong message about domestic violence.

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