Friday, February 27, 2009

Leap Day Birthdays Dubbed ‘Invalid’

KEIZER, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s difficult to convince people of your birthdate when it’s not on the calendar.

Just ask Raenell Dawn, who was born on February 29 and runs The Honor Society Of Leap Year Day Babies, a club that celebrates “Leapies” who only get a birthday once every four years.

According to Dawn, being a Leapie can be frustrating – especially when registering for a website that requires a date of birth.

Often times, Dawn’s birthdate gets rejected and she’s told that February 29 is an “invalid date of birth.”

This recently happened to Leapies who were trying to claim their free 2009 birthday tickets to Disneyland but were told by Mickey Mouse that their birthday didn’t exist.

Outraged, Leapies wrote to Disneyland and the park is now letting Leap Day babies in for free on March 1.

Dawn says Leapies also endure lots of birthdate problems at the DMV and are even accused of having fake IDs.

Most Leapies – Dawn included – will celebrate their bizarre birthdays all weekend long (Feb. 28-Mar. 1) because, in her words, “We can.”

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