Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sex Has Its Own Language

PARIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There are so many strange, saucy terms having to do with sex, it should be an official language.

That’s the word from John Baxter, author of Carnal Knowledge (Harper), an encyclopedia of the definitions and history behind hundreds of erotic references.

Baxter says sex has it’s own language, and being well- versed in the titillating tongue can help lovers communicate their desires.

For instance, asking your partner for a “hot lunch” is just another phrase for a midday sexual encounter, while the British term “knee-trembler” refers to sex while standing.

Baxter says the strangest sex words are those we use on a daily basis like “going commando.”

The term first came from U.S. special forces who didn’t wear underwear during jungle raids because they’d catch “nasty crotch rot” from undergarments.

Other weird sex references include “suitcase pimp” – a male companion of a porn actress – and “Coney Island whitefish,” a discarded condom, as seen floating off the beach at Coney Island.

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