Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TV Show Explores Weird Ways To Die

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Stupidity may be the leading cause of seriously weird deaths.

Executive producer Thom Beers’ latest show, 1,000 Ways To Die, premieres Sunday (Feb. 8) on Spike TV and explores outrageous true stories of people who die in the most unorthodox ways.

According to Beers, many fatal freak accidents happen because someone is being dumb and “doing something to accelerate the outcome.”

For instance, there was the biker dude who performed a bar trick where he’d swallow a pool ball. The last time he did the trick he swallowed a cue ball instead, which was slightly bigger than a regular ball and became lodged in his throat until he died.

Then there’s the gauze-covered burn victim who decided to light up a cigarette. The cig fell on his bandages and burnt him dead.

Beers says a “domino effect” is involved with most strange deaths and is glad his crazy antics haven’t caught up to him yet.

He recalls once driving on a river at 50 mph and being hit by a hippopotamus, which could’ve easily led to his demise.

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