Friday, January 30, 2009

Furries Stick To Their Own Kind

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – In the kinky world of furries, inter-species dating isn’t always encouraged.

Harmon Leon is a self-proclaimed “infiltrative journalist” who went undercover to investigate the world of “furry fandom” – people who get sexual pleasure from dressing up in animal costumes.

Leon attended a furry convention decked out in his own animal attire – a pig mask, bear ears, and a furry vest – and noticed right away that furries stick to their own kind.

The wolves – who dominate the furry sector – mingled with one another, while unicorns, lions, deer, and Care Bears did their own thing.

Since his costume was “extra creepy,” Leon had a hard time fitting in with a clique, and was eventually kicked out of the convention for asking too many questions about a line of dragon-themed sex toys that included a simulated dragon’s vagina.

Leon explains, “They fished me out and knew I wasn’t one of them.”

While the furry subculture may be divided, Leon says their species doesn’t stop furries from flirting and “gyrating on each other in full costume.”

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