Friday, January 30, 2009

‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Examines Black Thoughts

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Daily Show reporter Larry Wilmore thinks America would be surprised to learn that black people have thoughts.

In his new book, I’d Rather We Got Casinos And Other Black Thoughts (Hyperion), Wilmore explores how black people feel about all kinds of stuff, from UFOs and black Jesus, to African American leaders and Black History Month.

As The Daily Show’s “Senior Black Correspondent,” Wilmore has a few thoughts of his own.

For instance, instead of getting “28 days of trivia” in February as reparation, African Americans would rather have their own casinos.

He explains, “Black History Month is boring, casinos are not. They would be way better payback!”

Wilmore also thinks the designation “African American” should be changed to “Chocolate,” because, as he puts it, “Everybody loves chocolate!”

Now that Barack Obama is president, Wilmore hopes black thoughts finally get a platform. However, he assures that the only thing on Obama’s mind right now is that he’s “Up sht creek without a paddle.”

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