Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mars Is A Good Place To Raise A Family

DENVER (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Forget planet Earth, Mars is the new real estate frontier and an excellent place to raise a family.

Robert Zubrin is the author of How To Live On Mars: A Trusty Guidebook To Surviving And Thriving On The Red Planet (Three Rivers Press), which hits shelves today (Dec. 9).

With Earth’s housing market in a slump, Zubrin thinks Mars is where it’s at and urges adventurous settlers to move to the Red Planet.

Not only is housing dirt cheap on Mars, but there’s plenty of land, since Mars’ surface area is as big as all of Earth’s continents combined.

Since Mars is largely unsettled, there’s no restrictive government or taxes – perfect for a fresh start.

Zubrin believes Mars has the potential to be the next New World/America and says it’s a great place to raise a family.

There are plenty of schooling options up there for the kids, and divorce lawyers don’t exist.

Zubrin adds, “The kids have lots of space to run around and since there’s one-third gravity, they can jump around too!”

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