Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) Hosts In Danger Of Being Abducted By Aliens

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) is a prime time for alien abductions, and party hosts are at the highest risk for an E.T. attack.

According to alien researcher and author Dr. Bruce Goldberg, alien abductions happen when people are vulnerable, tired, and weak.

He says Thanksgiving hosts who have been up for days preparing the big feast are perfect targets for alien abduction because they’re drained and won’t put up a fight.

Goldberg explains, “Aliens prey on those who are burnt out and have weaker immune systems. If you’re physically tired, you’re more susceptible to a UFO attack.”

He says those who stuff themselves into frail, turkey-induced food comas are also candidates for abduction.

Additionally, people who are depressed or worried about the economy could be “psychically attacked” by aliens who take advantage of their unstable state of mind.

Goldberg says folks can protect themselves from a Turkey Day abduction by wearing an iron crucifix, keeping salt or St. John’s Wort nearby, or having a magnet on their person.

If abducted, he says giving the aliens an empowered, “New York attitude” should scare them away.

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