Monday, November 17, 2008

Selma Blair: ‘I Know How To Swallow’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Actress Selma Blair knows how to swallow – food, of course.

Blair plays Kim Day in the mother-daughter comedy series Kath & Kim, and her character is always eating as a way to console herself.

Her character loves food so much, it sometimes makes Blair sick.

After eating snacks for hours, Blair once “deposited some food” into producer Michelle Nader’s hand in the middle of a take.

Blair defends the upchuck by assuring that it “wasn’t a throw up, just more of a spit up.”

Because of the constant munching, the crew keeps a spit bucket on hand for Blair, just in case.

However, in real life, Selma always “chews and swallows” her food properly and has much better table manners than her character.

She says, “Kim is such a messy eater, it’s gross!”

Blair doesn’t anticipate many more spit up accidents at work because, as she puts it, “I take really small bites now.”

Kath & Kim airs Thursdays on NBC.

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